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Hustle, VA

HUSTLE is a provocative tale of a family raised in Hustle, Virginia. It's a small town full of dirt roads, fast-talking men, and people going nowhere fast. Told through the lens of Hamilton and Clara, HUSTLE is the unfolding of a lifetime of childhood dreams built on the shoulders of a generation.


ROSIE! ROSIE! WHERE’S MY SOCKS GAL?” Poppa was hopping around on one foot like a chicken wit his head cut off. He couldn’t do nuthin witout Ms. Rosie’s help. He yelled, “Hurry up gal! I got to be gettin on up to the church early this morning. You and the chilren gone have to walk. Deacon Brown wanna go over the plans for the anniversary service.” 

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A message from Nikki...

Not Your Typical Audiobook

Hustle comes to life with this dynamic reading done by Nikki Fortune herself.  This is NOT your typical audiobook, take a listen:


Hustle is a must read!

From page 1 this book captivates!  I couldn’t turn them fast enough. This is from someone who has 2 other unfinished books to read! Can’t believe this is a first novel!
Anxiously awaiting the next one!

Marnica L.

You won’t be able to put this book down !

Hustle is an amazing book. I literally couldn’t put the book down .The characters are interesting and the author kept me engaged. I just wanted more ! I can’t believe this is the first book for the author. If you’re looking for a good spicy read , hustle should be your next read.

Annica P.

A Page-Turner

Encourages and shows that faith and deternination can propel you through the toughest of circumstances. Really proud of you, Nikki! Looking forward to Still Hustling.


Clutched my pearls!

“Sipped my tea, clutched my pearls, and waited with baited breath for the next turn of the page.  Can’t wait for Still Hustling.  Excellent read!”

Shannon J.

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