Hustle by Nikki Fortune - Introduction

ROSIE! ROSIE! WHERE’S MY SOCKS GAL?” POPPA WAS hopping around on one foot like a chicken wit his head cut off. He couldn’t do nuthin witout Ms. Rosie’s help. He yelled, “Hurry up gal! I got to be gettin on up to the church early this morning. You and the chilren gone have to walk. Deacon Brown wanna go over the plans for the anniversary service.” 

Rosie walked over to the trunk and grabbed a fresh pair of socks as she rolled her eyes and handed them to Poppa. Ms. Rosie normally ain’t ask Poppa too many questions. She mostly went along wit whatever he said. Something inside her musta not been sitting right. While she was standin over the wood stove stirrin the potato soup for suppa, she put her hand on her hip and asked real nasty, “So what y’all plannin on doin for the service?” 

Poppa was puttin on his jacket while headin to the door. He turned around and yelled, “Gal, I don’t know that’s why we’s having a meeting!” The door slammed behind him as he hurried to hitch up his horse and buggy. 

Ms. Rosie watched him out the window as he took off down the road. Then she yelled up to Fanny, “Come on here gal! Let’s hurry and get up the road to church. We gots to walk this mornin cause your Poppa say he gots a meeting. Run get the little ones ready so we can reach church by preachin time.” 

Then, she yelled up to me, “Hamilton, you and Amos come on down here. Time to get on up to the church. 

I answered, “Yes ma’am, comin’!” 

She ain’t knowed that I was listenin to her and Poppa all mornin. I heard her say, “Ernest think I’m a fool. Ain’t no meetin takin place before no service. Them meetings is always after service!” 

She turned the wood over in the stove to make the flame low while we was gone so nuthin would catch fire. She was a good lady. The girls and me really did love Ms. Rosie and I hated the way Poppa treated her. He treated her much like he treated us chilren, sometimes worse.